Accomplishments and Goals


  • Worked closely with Councilman John C. Cochrane, Jr. concerning veteran matters.
  • Hosted Congressman Peter J King’s update on Homeland Security.
  • Participated in the LT Michael Murphy DDG 112 commissioning ceremony.
  • Served on State Senator Lee Zeldin’s committee addressing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • Participated in assisting runners in the L.I. MacArthur 5K run in support of veterans.
  • Hosted a Flag Retirement Ceremony in the Town of Islip.
  • Helped to support the identification of veterans upon hospital admission.
  • Initiated a quarterly Flag Retirement Ceremony – Long Island National Cemetery, Calverton.
  • Participated in the Suffolk County Veterans Service Agency stand-down.
  • Participated in the LT Florence Evans Commemorative Service.
  • Began staffing the VSO assistance program in Islip Town Hall.


  • Enhance the staffing of the VSO office in Islip Town Hall.
  • Work with charitable organizations to continue to grow the support of veterans and their families.
  • Assist the Town of Islip in securing veterans’ participation in its commemorative veterans book.
  • Utilize social media to disseminate information.
  • Increase participation of veterans organizations in the VSO.
  • Increase participation of community organizations and interested individuals in the VSO.
  • Develop a VSO website.
  • Continue the 2012 programs of the VSO.

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