The mission of the Veterans Service Organization of the Town of Islip is to assist veterans, veterans organizations and veterans family organizations by maintaining a centralized collection of information relating to veteran benefits and events, and make such information available to veterans, veterans organizations and veterans family organizations.

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  1. Are veterans entitled to school tax reductions. I hear school districts are awarding 10%. Is connectquate involved in this.

    • Individual school districts in the Town of Islip either have or soon should be holding public hearing and votes to adopt the authorized NYS tax-exemption shift. In our area, I am aware that East Islip, Islip, West Islip, Connetquot, Kings Park and Brentwood have adopted the provision.

      The assessment reduction to which you refer is not fixed and varies from district to district depending upon which of the available options is adopted and local assessment formulas. It also varies based on whether a qualified, home-owning vet was in theater during an eligible period, served in combat and/or was disabled as a result. In the Town of Islip, the assessors office will be mailing notice of eligibility and application forms to all know veterans. If you believe you qualify and do not receive a letter, contact the assessors office.

      Please note that paperwork MUST be filed by March 1 in order to obtain the benefit for the coming fiscal tax year.

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